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The MOKA Art Gallery concept came as second nature to the artist duo Art Director Charlotte Ka and, Musical Director Errol Mobutu Reynolds. Charlotte Ka is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in Art. Ka taught art in the Brooklyn, New York school district for over 22 years, before returning to Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh, Ka sits on a number of advisory boards. With her demanding schedule, she finds time to  produce and display spectacular art pieces of her own in Pittsburgh and New York. 

Mobutu is an original resident of the Hill District. Mobutu has a numbers of art medias, one being music, Jazz to be specific. As a percussionist he has played gigs with the likes of the late Stanley Turrentine,  toured with the late Grant Green and, recorded with George Benson on his Body Talk album. Now Mobutu does talks and, teaches about the history of the art. Mobutu believes Jazz and music in general is the means by which generations can unite, and is not simply for enjoyment only. Mobutu is also a phenomenal wood carver, painter and leather crafter. In addition to all his artist talent he is a licensed contractor with the city of Pittsburgh and is Pa state certified. 

His latest project in tandem with his partner Charlotte Ka is the MOKA Art Gallery. The most encouraging spin-off of the MOKA Art Gallery project is the rebuilding of self- esteem and human dignity of the Hill District. Charlotte Ka and Errol Mobutu Reynolds' vision reinforces the notion that the MOKA Project can contribute to community regeneration, and therefore success in so many ways.


Apart from its primary function as an art gallery, MOKA Art Gallery serves the community as an educational and cultural center.

Its activities include temporary and permanent exhibitions, Art workshops for people of all ages. MOKA provides developmental and stimulation classes for pre-school children to adults & adults with intellectual disabilities. MOKA Art Gallery is an integral component of  contributions to the local Hill District community. Important social investment projects we are proud of and which will run for many years to come. The primary purpose of this project is to teach. 


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