Art Gallery 

Charlotte Ka

I call myself an “Urban Alchemist “as a through art and alchemy I improvise, adapt and experiment with non-traditional materials: wood, glass beads, fabrics, sugar cane, cotton, spices, hair, wax, gold leaf, ground rubber, mica’s, photo transfers, wash boards, mica’s and glitters to accomplish my artistic alchemy. I work with molten, pigmented bees wax and use fire in a process called encaustic and bond layers of pigmented wax with mica’s to create translucent, glistening and magical effects. This layering process makes symbolic references to my magnificent, African and African American ancestral heritages.

I find this encaustic wax process to be quite magical and a is the perfect media for my process of innovation as I celebrate the power of the spirit to be manifested.

For the past ten years I have concentrated on encaustic paintings and installations. The installations are inspired by historic events: with the general theme of the “power of the spirit” to overcome obstacles. The paintings illuminate in abstract language “ the beauty of spirit”. The inspiration for my art making is the love of art, music and dance : from the classical beauty of Africa down to the funk. Memories of this strong and mighty foundation allows for much creative exuberance, mystery, magic an